Seasonal Sprinkler System Service

Due to the climate in Colorado, and specifically the frigid winter temperatures we experience it is important that you service your sprinkler system.

This includes winterization in the fall and spring turn-on.

We offer both of these services and take it an extra step. When we winterize your sprinkler system we guarantee that when it comes time to turn your system back on it will work.

If damaged occurred due to improper winterization we will correct it.

When it is time to turn on your system we do not just show up and turn on your water. We come out and turn on your sprinklers and then we walk your yard and make sure that the system is working properly. We adjust heads, clean out nozzles, and tweak the system to give your yard the greatest coverage possible.

We also check for any leaks and issues that may prevent your lawn from getting the crucial water needed for Colorado’s semi-arid climate.

If you would like to have your system turned on contact us at 303-660-3949 or submit your information using the form below.

Customer Reviews

We having been using Marty for 3 years now. He is a fantastic guy with a great sense of humor and we consider him our friend! I would recommend him to anyone, anyday anytime. He is the best out there! You will not be disappointed! Thanks Marty!

Deb, Castle Rock

Marty and SMS has great service and are very easy to work with. He installed my whole yard at a fantastic price and the the coverage is great! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a competative bid for irrigation systems.

Scott, Castle Rock

SMS is wonderful! Very nice, courteous people with great prices. They are helpful and fixed a problem we had been having for years, in a matter of minutes with no problem! We only wish we had told them about it earlier. We use them every year for our sprinklers.

Joelle, Castle Rock